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Sukamade Tour Package: A Trip before Visiting Ijen Crater

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May 29, 2019
How To Get To Ijen Crater
How to Get to Ijen Crater: A Guide to See the Blue Fire
September 18, 2019

When you visit East Java Province, Indonesia, do not miss visiting Ijen crater, one of the most wonderful volcanic tour destinations in the country. The good news is that there are so many beautiful tourist attractions to see on your way to Mount Ijen. One of them is Sukamade turtle beach. Now, many travel agents combine Sukamade tour package into Ijen tour package. If you want to see something different on your volcanic tour, this package is a great choice.

Sukamade Tour Package: What to See on Your Trip

Sukamade Beach is a part of Meru Betiri National Park, which is known as a heaven for flora and fauna collections. As the name suggests, Sukamade turtle beach is one of the largest turtle spawning grounds in Indonesia. This is a good place for relaxing. As it is located on the southern coast, Sukamade Beach also have a wonderful scene during the sunset.

Despite its popularity as the largest turtle beach in Indonesia, Sukamade beach is still under development. However, you can enjoy standard facilities like Tourist Lodge, camping ground, trail route, laboratory, workshop facility, information center, and local accommodation facilities. The following are must-do activities during Sukamade tour package:

  • Seeing the turtles laying eggs
    Five species of sea turtles are found in Sukamade. It must be a wonderful experience to see the turtles laying their eggs on the sands.
  • Visiting the turtle conservation facility, which include turtle egg hatchery
  • Participating in turtle hatchling release into the sea
  • Spending a night in the plantation guest house near to the peaceful Green Bay
  • Taking nice pictures on the beach with turtles as the background

Sukamade Tour Package: Facilities to Enjoy During the Trip

sukamade tour package

sukamade tour package

Sukamade tour package is a relatively new offer in Banyuwangi tourisms, but its unique attractions quickly make the destination popular. You need to take an adventurous tour to get to the beach. Yes, you certainly love adventure, right? Before continuing your trip to see Ijen Crater blue fire, make sure to enjoy the trip through green, peaceful villages, coffee, cocoa, and rubber plantations, and a small jungle. This must be a scenic journey.

After spending a wonderful day in Sukamade, you can continue the trip to Mount Ijen. Another wonderful journey is waiting for you. Have you imagined the wonder of seeing the magnificent blue fire on Ijen Crater? You can enjoy it by taking Bromo Ijen Sukamade tour. This is an ideal trip for adventurous individuals like you. To make your journey hassle free, we offer the following facilities:

  • Private transportation facility (including full AC, driver, and fuel oil) 
  • Private Jeep 4WD on Bromo
  • Private Jeep in Banyuwangi
  • Hotel room (depending upon the package)
  • Lunch and dinner (depending upon the package)
  • Guide fee
  • Toll and parking fee

Taking Sukamade tour package provides you with a different tour experience. The tour takes to praise the nature from different viewpoints. Taking beach journey in Sukamade and volcano tour to Ijen and Bromo is a way to enjoy the nature in two different ways. Get detailed information on the Sukamade-Ijen tour package by visiting our TOUR PACKAGE page.