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Malang Tour Bromo Ijen and the Benefits of Taking a Tour Package
November 7, 2019
Ijen Volcano Tour
Ijen Volcano Tour – The Best Value from Bali to Magnificent Natural
March 20, 2020

Mount Ijen to Bali Tips 

Bali and Ijen are often combined as one trip. Is the location reachable? We cannot say that it is close to each other. It takes several hours by land transportation and it crosses a bay. Therefore, it requires a lot of energy to take both trips. However, people will enjoy the time they spend for taking the package. Mount Ijen to Bali tour is a great idea for people who want to simplify their trip. It is beautiful to see the natural landscape of Ijen with its majestic volcano. Continuing the trip to Bali will make it simply perfect. 

We all know that Ijen is one of the most trafficked icon of Indonesia tourism. It represents the beauty of tropical country in the most natural way. People can enjoy a soft trekking, the beautiful view, and a challenging Blue Fire hunting at the same time. All sides of Ijen are so pretty that people can simply stand up and take pictures. The place has a unique atmosphere with good positive energy. People need to go to this place for refreshment. The huge negative ions productions from the volcano, the lake, and of course the Blue Fire. All huge natural activities create a giant energy that can refresh human bodies. 

Mount Ijen To Bali

Mount Ijen Tour from Bali

There are several alternatives that people can do for continuing their tour to Ijen after Bali. The easiest and cheapest option is to use land transportation. Tourists can take a bus from Bali, cross Gili Manuk to go to Ketapang Harbor in Banyuwangi before leaving for Ijen. The famous image of Ijen with its gorgeous scenery will be enough to encourage people to go through the journey. It takes at least three hours to go from the bus station to the arbor. However, the trip will not be boring since the view along the way is super amazing. The green rice fields and the lustrous greenery in Bali will be a nice closure to Bali tour before people cross to Banyuwangi. Mount Bromo ijen tour from Bali is comfortable to do with a flight or land transportation. But it is recommended that tourists entrust the tour to a professional traveling agency. 

The Blue fire at Mount Ijen is the superstar for those who love backpacking. Tourists who love photography will also love to join the trip. Yet, it is more comfortable to visit the destination with the help of a professional agency. The company will prepare the car and drivers. Most of the time, the public transportation from Bali to Ijen is not airconditioned. Tourists need to also see the size of the bus before leaving. There is no executive transportation available so it will be a humble land trip. With the help of an agency, people can simply enjoy their time reaching the destination in comfort. 

Some tourists prefer to leave for this destination without a tour guide. But for those who are new to the atmosphere and landscape, a guided tour is recommended. First of all, people need to know that the volcano is quite extreme when it is for the sulfur smell and gas. Gask mask is necessary. In a bad weather condition, wind can blow the toxic sulfurous fumes and disturb our respiration. The oxygen masks are available to rent at the rim. Our guide will prepare the mask for us. There are Sulphur miners around the area so we can also rent from them. 

For beginners or first-timers, the trip will be a new experience of hiking with a different sort of challenge. The temperature of the volcano is cold. So, get ready with warm clothes, scarves, gloves, and socks. The wind blows at the rim and the inside the crater. Therefore, we need to anticipate the winds. We need to be in our best health conditions. 

If you leave alone as a backpacker, you also need to be sure that you know the scams that might occur at the site. The scams are written neatly in some reviews with one star. Therefore, you need to make a research before leaving. And it will be safer to go with the help of a tour guide. 

Mount Ijen tour from Bali will one of the best experiences in your life. However, you need to make a list of important things to bring and not to bring when taking the trip. What is so important is the physical condition. The biting temperature can occur and tourists have to stay healthy for going through the midnight tour for the Blue Fire and Turquoise Lake. The Blue Fire is visible and most beautiful before 4 am. After 5 am, the atmosphere will be different and the sun will be bright already. Therefore, it is better to set the journey to get just in time. When people take the trip of Ijen to Bali package, they need to have some time to take a rest before leaving for Bali. Contact for a better experience.