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Malang Tourism – The Sacred Beauty of Malangan Masked Dance

October 22, 2018
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November 14, 2018

Malang Tourism

Dances are always admirable since they bring harmony, music, and message through body languages. Dances are also charming with the beautiful costumes and properties. Dances are usually performed for showing gracefulness and deep meaning inside each movement of the dancers. All nations have special dances with those beautiful features and Indonesia is the home of countless traditional dances that are more than attractive. One of the most beautiful dances as Malang Tourism icon is Malangan Masked Dance.

Performed by graceful dancers in masks, the dance is basically a religious rite conducted ever since the era of Kanjuruhan Kingdom with Gajayana King on the throne around 8th century. Based on a reliable source, Gajayana King was not only a king but also a prominent masked dancer. What a beautiful kingdom with such amazing ruler!

Malang Tourism

Malang Tourism

The world has noticed that masked dances are owned by various countries. Bhutan has Cham dance with its sacred masked dancers. Meanwhile, Japan has Noh Mai dance which is also charming with the scary masks. Korea also has Talchum dance with a deep meaning and pretty gestures. Similarly to other masked dances, Malangan Masked Dance as part of Malang Tourism attraction also symbolized sacred purposes.

The Masked Dance as a proud property of Malang Tourism has a deep bond to the India culture because the era of Kanjuruhan was dominated by India literature. That is why the masked dance has the stories of Hindu Hermitage, supernatural, heaven and eternal life. Besides, Malangan Masked Dance also performs popular India stories such as Mahabarata and Ramayana.

Today, we can enjoy this dance in various occasions and Malang Tourism shows. However, late senior art and dance practitioner, Mr. Karimun said that this dance should not actually be performed freely. However, the beauty of this masked dance receives much attention and thus the dancers start performing it more frequent in various occasions. Though the dances are not so popular among youngsters, the mask artists still produce the masks. The areas that still sculpt the masks are Pakisaji, Wonosari, Kromengan, Sengguruh/Jenggolo, Senggreng and Tumpang.

Visiting Malang will thus be an unforgettable journey since we can enjoy the breathtaking scenery, tasty culinary and high-class dance performance as well. Malang Tourism is a never-to-miss attraction in your journey to East Java.