Malang Tour Package for Private and Corporate Trip

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Malang Tour Package

Malang is a special city with wonderful tourist destinations in East Java.

Malang is not only gorgeous but also a comfortable place. The climate in Malang is convenient throughout the year. There will be a heavy rain in the rainy season. Yet, the rain will be different from the monsoon rain. Even, rainy in Malang can be so beautiful. Malang has a relatively cold weather. However, the temperature can be a little hot during certain months.


Visiting Malang is possible for private or corporate trip. Malang tour package will be a great satisfaction since the itineraries fit the taste either solo or group traveller.


The first, tourists can comfortably explore Malang city tour and Batu as well. They have countless options in Batu. One of the most recommended is Museum Angkut. It is the museum in which visitors can find various kinds of vehicles from all eras. The interior decorations and studios are amazing.

Malang tour package is hard to resist. Outdoor sports are easily available like paragliding in Banyak Hills. At the same place, people can visit Omah Kayu tourist site, in which tourists can enjoy the beautiful view of Malang from the top of a hill.

Next, waterfalls are waiting for the tourist’s exploration. From the flower garden to the exotic beaches in southern parts of Malang, the package will absolutely be a great choice for a group tour or a corporate trip.

malang tour package

malang tour package

After that, the trip will continue to the most exciting tourist destination, Mount Bromo. It is one of the superstars in Bromo Tengger Semeru national park. Bromo tour will let tourists start the hiking early in the morning. The sunrise in Bromo looks amazing as tourists will witness it by the viewpoint where they can see the cloud hang just over their heads. It will be like standing in the dream world. The tour can be more fascinating as people take a further trip the savannah and hills. Taking photos and riding a horse to the extended destination will be so much fun.

Taking Malang Tour Package


It is better for the tourists to consult their trip with the professional tour and travel agency. It will be easier to find the most comfortable schedule.

If the tourists want to enjoy Malang package and extended it with Ijen tour, the itinerary usually starts from Malang. Then the trip will continue to Mount Bromo, and then Ijen Crater. It is more comfortable for the road trip as take some hours and tourists will need to get some rest. Ijen crater is located around Banyuwangi, and it takes at least 4 hours from Bromo by car. The expert drivers know the best way to reach the place. So, it is important tourists trust their vacation plans to the reliable agency.

In Malang, tourists can include the trip to several beaches in southern parts of Malang. In Ijen, people can still find some extended tour destinations to beaches and islands.

The trip of Bromo and Ijen will be an amazing tour for group traveller. The challenging water rafting and many others will be possible to insert at the package as well.

But how much does it cost?

The price is usually changing because of the year-end high seasons. Yet, it is better for the tourists to get connected to the site and call the customer service right away. It will be great to get the information on Malang tour package price before leaving.  It will be usually the best deal tourists can get.

The best deal of a tour can never be valued with the cheapest rates. However, it is better for the tourists to really get the best with the rates they pay.

Online tour and travel agencies are everywhere, but tourists should only trust the one has both experience and dedication.