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Ijen Volcano Tour – The Best Value from Bali to Magnificent Natural

Mount Ijen To Bali
Mount Ijen to Bali Tour; Guided Tour or Backpacking Trip?
February 4, 2020

While visiting Indonesia, make sure to spare your time to visit the magnificent Bromo mountain. Whether as a part of your direct trip or going from the other places, especially from Bali, the crater of the volcano mountain is worth to visit. The location of Mount Bromo which is in the far east of Java, makes many people use Bali as a base from the Ijen Volcano Tour. If you are interested in this kind of tour, you can check out this review and information below. 

Some Information Regarding The Fee To Ijen Crater  

Most of the time the fee entrance to the tourist spots is included in a tour package. If you are using a tour package, the total fees will be listed as entrance, accommodation, and entrance. However, if the entrance price is not included, then approximately the fee for the foreigner was around 150,000 rupiahs. While for the local tourist, the fee is around $1 or 15,000. Though the difference between the two is really big, it is still quite low considering the popularity of the site. 

Determine The Need of A Guide Or No Guide

Ijen Volcano Tour

Before you visit this famous volcano, think whether you need a guide or not. It will be important to consider your experience level. If you feel nervous or inexperienced, then you may need to include a guide to your Ijen volcano tour from Bali. Especially when you are going to witness the blue flame, the road down the crater may be hard to see in the dark when going down the steps. At the same time make sure to look for a guide that has good English language. 

The Trip From Bali To The Crater Of The Volcano

There is some Ijen crater tour from Bali which offers the best value. The tour may include more than just trekking to the Ijen Crater. So, after coming so far from Bali, you can enjoy the full trip to the mountain Bromo as well. A 3-day excursion from Bali is the most recommended online tour. Not only have a high rate, but the tour packages also have a lot or almost complete offers, from the destination, accommodation, transport, food and entrance ticket. 

Traveling from Bali to the peak of East Java can be started from the pickup location at your hotel in Legian, Seminyak, Nusa dua, Ubud, Sanur, or Kuta Bali. Approximately, the price for the Ijen Volcano tour is around 5,000,000 rupiahs for one person. There will be a clear itinerary and fluent guide. The tourist destination you will visit is the Ijen crater, the sea of sands, the savanna, the whispering sand, the Penanggunan hills, and many more tourist spots. 

Those are some information about the Mount Bromo tour. Whether you want to visit directly or not, the mount Bromo and the crater are worth to visit. if you are setting your base trip from Bali, there are some tour packages you can try. But, the best one is the 3-day excursion from Bali to Bromo. The trip will include all the fees, more destinations, and services. So, if you are willing to go. You can consider this option.