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Ijen Tour: the Best Way to Explore the Offbeat Destination

Ijen Blue Fire Tour
Ijen Blue Fire Tour: The Spectacular Natural Phenomenon
November 14, 2018
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December 11, 2018

Ijen Tour Offbeat Beauty

Today, Millennials have a new way to enjoy their life. Youths are ready to face challenges. Therefore, they go to various places and explore them wholeheartedly. However, some youths waste their time only visit a popular tourist destination. The offbeat destination is here in Ijen, East Java, waiting for the youths to explore. Ijen tour will serve visitors with the luxury of the outdoor tour, so they feel cool and entertained at the same time. Many television traveling programs show a huge wave of traveling. Traveling is now labeled as cool rather than just joyful. It is now more than a trend to leave for an exotic place and enjoy their time in an unusual way. In Ijen, people can simply go with the flow, and the world-class attractions will leave them in awe.

Youths will search a way to enjoy a traveling in an unusual way. There are various ways to leave for a vacation. People with a free heart will always search for the most challenging one. Ijen tour will be best enjoyed by those who are looking for an amazing trip of the outdoor landscape. But those who are first timers will never regret it as well. People can explore Ijen alone since the trekking route is not that hard. People can easily get on the public transportation and reach the place several hours only from Bali, Surabaya, or other places. Meanwhile, those who love to share their happiness can also go with the open trip package. But the best way to enjoy the Ijen tour is by joining a professional tour and travel agency.

Ijen Tour

Ijen Tour

When and Where

Ijen volcano is located in East Java, where the climate is comfortable throughout the year. There will be a rainy season from September to February, but the rain will not be too hard to handle. The tropical climate is different from that of a monsoon. Therefore, people should not worry about the storm. It might be raining for one or two hours but the weather will not disturb a trip itinerary. Besides, people can consult a tour and travel agency to pick the right time for a trip in Ijen volcano. Ijen volcano visit should be the perfect trip for everyone. People need to be sure the weather is fine and secured for them to enjoy the Blue Fire hunting in the midnight trip.

Ijen volcano appears as a world-class tourist destination. Everyone wants to visit the volcano for the Blue Fire. However, that is not the only iconic part of the volcano. Being one of the stars in the Indonesia tourism campaign, Ijen is only one of several tourist destinations in the same area. Ijen tour is not only a tour of an outdoor activity but also a tour for nourishing the soul of every traveler.

Why is that so? In Ijen, people will unify with nature. The vast area of the turquoise lake will make people feel like a small creature that can do nothing. Besides, tourists will meet the humble miners. The people are struggling to loads 100 kilograms of a sulfur chunk in the wooden basket. They will go to the crater and forth to make a small earning. People will love to take photos by the beautiful Blue and Fire and lake. Once people come back to their routine, the memory of the Ijen volcano will never stay.

Ijen Tour from Surabaya

The fastest way to reach Ijen in Banyuwangi is from Surabaya Airport. Tourists can book a package with Surabaya pick up so they can leave for the volcano comfortably. The tour agency will drive the tourists safely to the site for approximately 6 hours. The trip will be so much fun to do with a tailor-made travel package. That way, tourists will have the freedom to choose what they want to experience in the tour. People can enjoy the beautiful scenery on the way to Ijen volcano. Ijen Crater offers an easy to medium trekking. That is why, the outdoor is perfect for a group tour.

The best way to enjoy Ijen tour from Surabaya is by taking a package offered by the reliable tour agency. The expert agency knows how to set the schedule well. Whether people want to go with a ready-made or tailor-made tour package, make sure you choose the right partner.