Ijen Crater Blue Fire: What is so Magnetic about Ijen?

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Ijen Crater Blue Fire

A trip to Ijen crater is more like an expedition rather a tour. Ijen Crater blue fire will give people an unforgettable pleasure of conquering nature. People will go through a soft trekking route which can show them a heaven behind a steep rocky slope of a volcano. Most people will get a wrong idea when it is for a volcano trip. When it is related to a volcano, people believe there will be a bright red lava eruption all over the place. Some people think it will be too dangerous to hike a volcano because of the active status. But that is not necessarily true. Ijen Crater is an absolutely different type of volcano destination. It offers the beauty of nature and at least two natural phenomena as the main attractions.

Located in East Java, Ijen Crater has been long known as the most enchanting site for an outdoor trip. The volcano is a site of natural sulfur chunk mine that attracts visitors to come and see. Humble mine workers who work hard with the loads will show people that strength can be that amazing. Ijen Crater blue fire also a great highlight tourists should never miss. The trip is possible for everyone. However, people need to be physically prepared. Also, health and body fitness are two important factors to maintain before laving for the Blue Fire expedition.

Ijen Crater Blue Fire Attractions

First of all, people might want to know what is so magical about this place. Ijen Crater is famous for the breathtaking scenery. That is one of the most important magnets about this place. Tourists will never see the same beauty of tropical forest and coffee plantation meet beautifully like the view of Ijen surrounding. People will be able to feel like going through a secret mission to hunt the Blue Fire during the midnight tour. The Blue Fire is not easily found in any countries. There are only two nations in the world that have the beautiful blue flame: Iceland and Indonesia. That is an amazing blessing for East Java, Indonesia.

Ijen Crater Blue Fire

Ijen Crater Blue Fire

The experience of hunting Ijen Crater blue fire will be similar to that of Aurora hunting trip in Europe. Tourists will start in the middle of a night for climbing the steep slopes. The guide will lead their way. It is true the journey does require a mountaineer skill. Yet, people still have to be very careful. Tourists can rent the oxygen tank before starting the trekking. Also, get prepared since the route does not have any toilet. Besides, in a windy night, the sulfur smell can be unbearable. Do wear warm clothes since the temperature can drop as well. That sounds so complicated. But, once you see the giant blue flame, you will understand how Ijen deserves to get five stars for its natural prettiness. The Blue Fire is the nature creation of flame due to the high temperature gas that erupts from the side of the volcano.

Ijen Crater tour price is a good deal since it covers the trekking to the Blue Fire, the turquoise acid lake, and the entire beautiful route with amazing view. Also, people can extend their trip to see other attractions.

Ijen Crater Blue Fire: Ijen tour from Surabaya

Ijen tour is the fantastic package that we can pick for testing out adrenaline. We do not need to use ropes and other hiking tools to go to this destination. Therefore, we can pack light though we still have to get prepared with the warm clothes. The tour agency will pick up us from the Surabaya Airport if we do Ijen tour from Surabaya. The air-conditioned car and professional drivers will wait drive us to the destination.

The first itinerary is a free program and hotel check in. Tourists will easily fall for the hotels because of the stunning view. We can take a rest and enjoy the first local foods at the hotel. After taking a rest, we will be ready to start the journey to hunt the Blue Fire and witnessing the turquoise lake. On the way back to the gate, we will also see many humble sulfur chunk miners.

The experience of Ijen Crater blue fire tour will last. There will be no similar trip with this challenging route in the world. It is light and not so dangerous, but people need to get prepared to go through this tour. Get in touch with us and see whether you can make your dream tour in Ijen Crater come true.