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Ijen Blue Fire Tour: The Spectacular Natural Phenomenon

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Ijen Blue Fire Tour

Extreme vacation does not always have to be a vacation with the tough sport of paragliding and cliff-hanging. People can actually search the thrilling adventure to help them releasing stress in a beautiful place like Ijen. Ijen is a famous volcano in East Java, where two most striking natural phenomenon occur. People commonly know volcanoes relate to sulphur gas and volcanic dust. But in Ijen, the sulphur and natural gas create amazing attraction of the Blue Fire. Ijen Blue Fire tour should be on your wish list. The tour will be one of the most unforgettable. Travel to Ijen has various additional tour destinations.

When you take a chance to get pleasure in the excellent beauty of a volcano, you will learn various things through the journey. Ijen will show you how an outdoor tour should be completed. People might want to pick a perfect hotel and resort in their tour, but in Ijen, the tour itself will make every single accommodation flawless. Taking Ijen tour is one package of satisfaction since people like to stay in a great place with amazing weather. Besides, the views from the villas and resorts are all fantastic. People will feel like going back to nature when staying at their rooms. They will feel like starting their trip right from their place for taking a rest.

Ijen Bali Tour Package

Even though Ijen Blue Fire tour is the most popular attraction in Ijen, there are actually more than that. Early in the morning, adventurers are all getting ready to conquer the biting temperature to witness the Blue Fire. With the challenging sandy soil with rocks in some parts, people will start the trekking to the crater. Everyone will fight against their hesitation to reach the viewpoint of the Blue Fire. It takes 2 to 3 hours to reach the best part of the crater to witness the giant flame with the beautiful blue colour. The slope is hard enough, but you will know why you should keep going.

Ijen Blue Fire Tour

Ijen Blue Fire Tour

The blue flames are dancing as the hard wind blows them all. People will need to arrive at the place at 02.00. The phenomenon is best looking at 02.00 to 03.00 in the morning. It is never too early to enjoy such an amazing natural phenomenon. You have been spending time sleeping in your daily life. This time, you need to wake up and get ready early in the midnight for the priceless moment of Ijen Blue Fire tourThough people might be very excited about the tour, they still need to be very careful. They have to mind the sulphur smells breathed in and causing some respiratory problems. They have to use the oxygen mask properly. For those who have a respiratory disease, there are still many other sides of Ijen Bali tour that will be amazing to witness.

Ijen Tour Additional Destinations

Ijen is not the only option. If you are leaving with your family, you need to taste a little bit the life in Kalibaru village. It is a quiet place with fresh air and green landscape. There is also the Sukamade Beach which does not offer surfing or swimming in the beach as the main attractions. The beach is the natural habitat of sea turtles; it is the place for the sea turtles to lay eggs. Next, you can go to the Baluran National Park to see how the encounter with nature feels like. The real adventure is available around Ijen Blue Fire tour.

To save one seat or a group tour to such destinations, it is always easy to book online. The service is ready to welcome your call and explain about the package clearly. Ijen tour will give clients the most comfortable service right from the first call to the last stop in the tour package. It will be easy to book a tour through the online site. Even, you do not have to make a call. The service will email you the details once you decided the package. Booking a holiday is never this easy and comfortable. Click the link and experience the amazing Ijen with your family this Yearend season.