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January 28, 2019
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Ijen Bali Tour

Indonesia is a tropical country with a superb agrarian development. The Indonesians consume rice for a daily meal.

Even, the Indonesian feel that they have not eaten yet before eating rice. As the results, rice fields and the culture that involve are maintained well in all regions in Indonesia.

In Bali, the beauty of rice fields is taken into the next level. Rice fields in Ijen Bali Tour can be parts of the best factors that make the trip extraordinary. In Bali, rice fields are managed with the terrace technology.

The slopes of hills look simply perfect with the amazing terrace shapes. We have seen similar scenery somewhere in Vietnam. But in Bali, the appearance looks more gorgeous.

Ubud is the place in Bali where the rice field becomes the center of attraction. Tourists might feel that rice fields will never be able to beat the beauty of a lake, a river, and a beach. But in Bali, the traditions and high dedication for plantation make rice fields look so amazing. The green colors create a romantic space in the entire place in Ubud.

There are many places in Ubud and other regions in Bali bring the atmosphere of rice fields as the decoration and themes for restaurants, spa, villas, and even hotels.

The fact is that there is something so deep and inspiring inside the scenic rice fields. The fields symbolize nature, human life, art, and hard work.

Besides, there is a serene sound of the swaying rice that make the ambiance of rice fields more inviting.

To dine by the rice fields will surely improve appetite. To just sit and see the beauty of the rice fields is also enough for making the tour more unforgettable. Bali has given the inspirations through rice fields. What about Banyuwangi?

Ijen Bali Tour: The Rice Field Tour

Ijen Bali Tour

Ijen Bali Tour

Rice fields are also the beautiful sides of Banyuwangi. When crossing to Banyuwangi from Bali, tourists will find a different kind of mood.

In Bali, everything looks so commercial. This is due to the high traffic of tourists in Bali. All corners including the rice fields in Bali are amazingly interesting.

Along the way from Denpasar to Gilimanuk Port, tourists will see the natural sides of Bali rice fields. In Banyuwangi, a more natural appearance of rice fields will amaze every heart instantly.

There will be many interesting things that people can learn from the journey. The traditional rice planting techniques, for instance, will be so much interesting.

Tourists can see how the traditional farmers ploughing the rice fields. After that, tourists can learn how to plan the seeds of rice. There are long processes of rice planting which eventually lead to a successful harvest.

The harvesting time will be a great show as well. The farmers will gather in their rice fields and cut the rice stems together.

Even, some traditional farmers still use a humble way to extract the rice seeds from the stems. The traditional way of harvesting is not only interesting but also soul nourishing.

Tourist might find that the trip will not be so exciting with only rice field trip. But then, the rice field attraction is commonly a side tour after the amazing tour in Ijen volcano.

Ijen Bali Tour from Banyuwangi

Banyuwangi is famous for its traces of colonial fields, agriculture, and of course plantation.

In the point of view of people who love outdoor trip, Banyuwangi is a total perfection. It has the pretty volcano, wonderful mountains, beaches, and tropical forest.

When it is for the cultural events and festivals, Banyuwangi is also a great destination. People can enjoy a super compact package of tour.

What about the rates. Ijen tour from Banyuwangi is only less than an hour. Other tour destinations take several hours only. Therefore, the traveling price is relatively low.

People can add some side destinations for enjoying the best experience of outdoor and cultural trips. Besides the iconic Ijen crater, people will fall for the plantation areas in Kalibaru village. In addition, the prettiness of the rice fields will be more than irresistible.

Banyuwangi is a superb place with stunning view and culture. Not to mention the tasty culinary that tourists will love to try. Visit ijenbluefiretour.net and book the best tour package for your next holiday.