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How to Get to Ijen Crater: A Guide to See the Blue Fire

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Mount Ijen in East Java, Indonesia, is a popular destination for volcano tourists. Situated at a height of +2,386 meters above the sea level, Mount Ijen is still active. Its active status does not prevent the travelers from visiting the mount. The main attraction of Mount Ijen is the phenomenon of blue fire, which is seen at the crater. Make sure to know how to get to Ijen crater before planning your volcano adventure.

Ijen crater is situated at + 2,145 meters above the sea level. In other words, you need to hike down for about +200 meters after reaching the mount peak. This is a tough hike, but the energy you spend for hiking is immediately recharged after seeing the scenic blue fire at Ijen crater.

How to Get to Ijen Crater: A Hike from Paltuding Rest Area

How To Get To Ijen Crater

How To Get To Ijen Crater

Actually, there are two popular places to stay before you begin the hiking trip to Mount Ijen. They are Banyuwangi and Bondowoso, since Mount Ijen is actually located at the border of these two regions. Banyuwangi is slightly more popular as the start of how to get to Ijen crater, thanks to some advantages offered by the regions in terms of accommodation, transportation, and tourist attractions.

Ijen crater tour is a midnight adventure. Wherever you stay, you need to arrive at Paltuding rest area at least 01.00 am. If you need longer rest time, make sure to arrive at Paltuding earlier. It normally takes 1,5 hours of drive from Banyuwangi to Paltuding area. Most travel agents take the travelers at 12.00 am. Then, the true hike begins at least at 1:30 am.

It takes about 1,5 to 2 hours from Paltuding rest area to Ijen Crater. Then, if you begin hiking at 1:30 am, you will arrive at the main object at around 3:00 am – the right time to see the blue fire. The path to Ijen Crater is well-defined and good enough as long as the weather is good. The view is wonderful around you. The hiking difficulty is moderate.

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The main challenge of hiking as a way on how to get to Ijen crater is actually the sulfur gas near to the crater. You have to bring a scarf or something that can protect you from the sulfur gas. A scarf is particularly important if you want to see the blue fire from a closer position. The blue fire is produced in the magmatic chamber under the volcano. The flame can reach a height of 5 meters, making it the largest blue flame in the world.

Mount Ijen has a unique thing related to the sulfur gas. Some of the gas condenses, just forming molten sulfur, which then changes in color to bright yellow when it cools down. The cooled sulfur stone is mined by local miners in a manual way. Local communities call these miners porters. The porters collect the sulfur and sell it for many. Mining sulfur is certainly dangerous as the gas is very acidic. However, the porters do their jobs with minimum protection, if any.

How to Get to Ijen Crater: A Guide for Travelers from Bali

Bali-Ijen is an increasingly popular tour package. Yes, Bali is near enough from Banyuwangi, East Java. You certainly need to know how to go to Ijen crater from Bali if you want to take Bali-Ijen tour package. There are two options of transportation from Bali to Banyuwangi.

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First, the simplest way to go to Ijen is certainly taking a flight from Ngurah Rai International Airport to Banyuwangi Airport. From airport, you will be picked up to the hotel. Of course, the first option is much more expensive.  In addition, you need to confirm if there is a direct flight from Bali to Banyuwangi.

How To Get To Ijen Crater

How To Get To Ijen Crater

The second, less expensive, option of how to get to Ijen crater from Bali is taking a boat trip. Take land transportation to Gilimanuk Harbor, Bali. Then, take a public boat that will take you to Ketapang Harbor, Banyuwangi. Under normal weather, it takes about 45 minutes of boat drive from Gilimanuk to Ketapang Harbor.

The good news is that there are so many boat trips from Bali to Banyuwangi. The harbor even has an hourly boat schedule. You can check the schedule first. The fee is also very cheap, except that you carry a motorcycle or a car. From Ketapang Harbor, you will be taken to the hotel and have some time to take a rest before beginning the hiking. 

Ready to explore Mount Ijen? After you know how to get to Ijen crater, let us help you arrange the tour. Whether you come from Bali, Yogyakarta, or any other cities in Indonesia, we can help you choose the best transportation and a comfortable hotel room to stay before your adventure begins. Make sure to check our TOUR PACKAGE pages or Contact Us to arrange a custom package. Our staff will be happy to help you.