Bromo Ijen Tour with Kalibaru and Sukamade

5-Day Bromo Ijen Tour with Kalibaru and Sukamade

Are you a nature lover who wants to not only appreciate the charming view but also observe how nature finds its way to survive? You will love this package. This 5-Day Bromo Ijen Tour with Kalibaru and Sukamade will bring you to the experiences that you could never imagine before. Bromo tours include sunrise catching an amazing adventure to sea sands by jeep. Meanwhile, Kalibaru spots will grant you a meaningful journey.
The general itinerary would be: Devoting some marvelous pleasant times in Bromo, then exploring Bromo deeper and taste the delicious cookery of Tenggerese. You will also enjoy the unique traditions and ceremony of this mighty volcano. The scenery during Kalibaru Plantation tour will make you Time Travels because you will witness the beauty of villages and farms that are uncontaminated; far from the modernity. You can taste a little magic when the baby sea turtles go back to its natural habitat. You can even burst into tears to appreciate the modest creatures go home. This Kalibaru Sukamade tour is simply gorgeous. It is the time for you to experience the real blue fire and greenish blue water of the acidic lake in Ijen Crater. Its beauty is not a myth.

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